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MINIWASH cleans motorboats up to 8 meters (25 feet) long, 3 meters wide and weighing up to 3000 kg. It is a purpose built boat-trailer with two brush units to the rear. It is hydraulically operated.


For motor-boats up to 25 feet



The Miniwash trailer is reversed down a launching ramp. The boat is driven onto the trailer, where it is secured by the operator. The boat motor is turned off. The boat is winched over the rotating brushes, back and forth 1-2 times depending on the degree of fouling. It takes about 20 minutes to clean an 8 meter boat. MINIWASH is operated by remote Control.

Boatwash in  action


  • Easy touse
  • Quiet
  • Safe
  • Quick
  • Performs!


Picture: Boat owner  washhisownboatfor the first time by himself from a few  written instructions

Before and after picture

Why use mechanical brushing ?

Reasons for boatowner:

  • No need to buy paint and apply it.
  • Have a clean hull when the boat is being used by cleaning before usage.
  • Less fuel consumption or sail at greater speed.
  • Environmental reasons: Less fuel consumption and no poisons released from  antifouling paint.